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Private Readings

Private Readings
These are very personal to you and are of different types

Spiritual, bringing our two worlds together, usually helping with the loss of a loved one. These are only able to do with the love and light of spirit. No guarantee of who “might come through”. They, your family members in spirit often try to guide and help in your lives. Spirit like you to know they are there and often feel your joy as well as your pain. They also help to lead me in the direction you would like your reading to go.

Psychic, using my psychic ability to “see”. This should help and guide you through what is happening around you today, and hopefully give you a sense of direction for tomorrow. Again, this is done with the help of my guides from spirit, linking with your energies. Your spirit friend or family may join in with this as well. Even though they cannot tell you which decision to make, the may be able to give a sense of direction, they being more forward sighted than us.

I usually find that a combination of both Spiritual and Psychic energy is used in readings.

Please allow 30 to 45 minutes as a guide line, but it does depend on the individual I’m reading for

Tea Leaf Reading Groups

The rise of the tea bag popularity caused a decline in tea leaf reading.
As I use “real” tea leaves for my tea, over the years I got into the habit of reading them. It is a wonderful way of “seeing” it helps to developed your psychic ability, using symbols, and intuition. Also it’s good to “try out” on your friends, when they have a cuppa at your house!
If you book a group, I will bring tea pot, tea leaves, cups and saucers. I will also give you a written help sheet, with a basic list of symbols, and a cup drawing for you to note your symbols.
After drinking and tipping out the dregs, I will then help you to understand how to see symbols and what they may mean to you.
This is ideal for people who want a teetotal party, suitable for all adults.
It can be held at a venue to suit, maybe at your home or office, or where ever is the best for you and your friends!
I do have a venue in North Devon, that can happily cater for groups of up to 20, please ask for details.


I am an experienced Demonstrator, serving churches, and spiritual centres in many areas. I am happy to travel out of my area and welcome any invitation to do so. Booking secretaries need to contact me on 07415 226270 or message me through my facebook page Jacey Marsh, and i will be very happy to discuss your needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like me to demonstrate in your venue.

Fund Raising

I am always happy to help with fundraising for charity, and ask that you do not hesitate in getting in touch with me, if you think I might be able to help.


I take circles both for churches, and in private homes. If you are considering starting a circle and need help, or just like a different medium to take yours for an evening, please get in touch, if you feel I can help.

Awareness Workshops

I do workshops and awareness classes, and try to tailor them to your requirements, i.e, beginners, “can I do it?” Or more advanced if required. These are offered to both church/spiritual and private Development groups. Please get in touch to discuss how you might like to advance your mediumship.

Please get in touch by calling me personally on 07415226270 or clicking on the fb or instagram link.

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