About Jacey

Jacey Marsh

As a Spiritual Medium, I work closely with my Spirit Guides and Spiritual Helpers to help and heal people when they need closure and direction to enable them to move on with their liv


This is My Story

I have been working with spirit for a long time now!

I see, hear and sense spirit.

As a child, I sensed a lot more than I saw. A lot of the time I just “knew” someone or something was “there”. This was confirmed on many occasions by my brother, who told me ” keep your eyes shut Jacey, the old lady is sitting next to your bed.” Try sleeping after that!!

As I grew older a better understanding dawned, and I realised that what I was aware of and seeing from spirit wasn’t the norm, and then I wanted to know more!

My Awareness Grows

I used to skip college, meeting my grandmother to attend Lozells Spiritualist Church, in Birmingham. Here I had an amazing time! I realised that I could see what the medium was seeing. I used to whisper to my grandmother who would receive the next communication, and who it would be from…..

Eventually I came to be part of the circle in Stourbridge Spiritualist Church for a while, learning that I was what is classed as a Natural Medium. This was where I had the best bit of advice ever given to me. After weeks of being what I called “being pestered” by spirit, I was told to simply “tell them to go away!”

(Thank you Isabel Pugh!)

I continued with my life knowing I had company even when I was on my own!

I always felt safe, it was good knowing that I had “my friends” with me.

As the years crept by, I went to see “the clairvoyant” for a reading.

On on ┬ásuch visit, a medium told me that I would be “given a husband from spirit” she described him and the home we would have. Little did I know, I was given him for a reason!

My journey with Spirit

Just before my 27th birthday, my family took a pub over, in what is known the “Black Country”.

I was stood behind the bar, and in walked a man. I was sure I knew him, as was he sure he’d met me somewhere. Several conversations later, we worked out maybe we hadn’t….but that “knowing” was there.

Aged 28, I married him.

He was as the medium described, as was our home!!

This was the true start of my journey with Spirit.

My husband allowed me the freedom to develop and work with Spirit.

He never stood in my way, and even though he was a believer, on occasions it did frighten him. Many a night I’d be late home from a church service, and he’d be glad of my return as someone had been walking round the bedroom.