Well, those of you who follow and know me, will know I love a good cup of tea.

I like to make it with real tea leaves in a proper pot, and not a tea bag in a mug.

One of my tea pots is actually older than I am !!

Over the years, just for fun, and myself, I started looking at the dregs left in the bottom of the cup,looking for the symbols that were there to find. Once I learned to recognise what “clumps” sort of looked like, the rest was comparatively simple. I’d been seeing symbols in my psychic work any way so it was a natural progression to see them in the leaves as opposed to seeing them in the psychic visions I was used to getting!

What you need to do

Make a cup of tea, using leaves (tear a teabag open if you don’t have loose leaf tea). As you drink your tea, take your time, think about what might be there for you/meto talk about. Tip most of the dregs away, and then swirl the cup round, turn it upside down in a saucer, and tap the base of the cup. Turn it back upright and study the leaves! What do you see? If you would like a consultation please contact me on facebook.com/jaceymarsh


All readings are subject to interpretation and free will, therefore are to be considered for entertainment purposes only. I cannot be held responsible for any decision you make arising from the reading.