Happy New Year to you all.

I’m here, in Cornwall, having journeyed the short distance from Devon, sitting with a couple of very good friends, chatting, and drinking tea.

We are discussing things from years ago, school, where we lived, people we knew, and the generalities that go with these topics. It’s amazing how our lives change, isn’t it?

I’m now heading for 60 😟 and things are still changing for me. I’m travelling about the Midlands, and into Wales from Devon and Cornwall. I love the “gypsy” side of my life. Revisiting places that I’ve had good and (bad times) in. Just recently I’ve managed to find a couple, that, back in the 90’s, ¬†were very kind to me, and became good friends. We lost touch when my life change drastically in 1997. With the power of social media, I’ve tracked them down. They’ve moved, and so have I several times. I’m going to visit them when I am back in Powys, next week. It will be good, time “with a couple of very good friends, chatting, and drinking tea”

With all the travelling, I’m finding I’m doing more live readings through Messenger and Skype. (Message me through fb for info) How fantastic is that!? Again this is something that’s changed. Years ago people actually came to my home, or I theirs. Nowadays we each can sit in our own living room and do/have a reading. It’s also the modern form of communication, and I’m pleased to know that spirit keep up with it as well as me and you!

Do you have days like this? Just chilling, and reminiscing, or catching up with long lost friends. I’d love to hear about it if you want to comment below.
Well, it’s time to finish here, as I see my friends have got down to their tea leaves……I’m going to take a peek at them, before they tip them away! 👀

Ps, Tealeaf workshops available in your own home!¬†Get in touch….http://@jaceymarsh.clairvoyant