How things have changed over the years I have been working with Spirit!
Years ago, telephone readings were frowned up. How can spirit work down a telephone line? How can you link….

Well in this day and age it is accepted, and it is accepted that spirit are keeping up with technology as much as the likes of me! It’s amazing that we couldn’t accept that spirit energy was omnipotent, that they were unable to communicate with us in the ways of today. I can remember being told it wasn’t possible. Even in the physical circles I read about, spirit are allowing technology to be used.

Today because of such technology our world is smaller for communication purposes. Long gone is the “snail mail” and the “booking”the call to the other side of the world,  Telegrams replaced by emails. We are using an unseen energy, an unseen force that we have taken hold of, and use on a daily basis. This to me is the same as spirit…..mostly an unseen energy, a force, that we don’t always understand either….we just use the communication medium to hand…..Video, through the likes of Skype and Messenger!